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Travelers Deception

I love the mountains more than nearly anything. But the mountain-top experiences are not where my purpose lies.

It has been a common desire among young adults to travel the world; and perhaps it has always been. But I have noticed, as the hipster era has emerged, people are captivated by “Wanderlust” and it seems the whole style/image/life-style has emerged so quickly.

To be real, the thought of living the travelers life has even gotten me in a trance sometimes seeing the world, and doing things that make me happy, not worrying about anything holding me back or tying me down, and honestly, I do use the “Wanderlust photography” if I may call it that, to inspire me towards my goals. But sadly I must say, I have low expectations for all the dreamers out there; It’s not enough to dream and it’s not enough to “see” the world. Even if you work hard to see God’s beautiful creation, and experience new places, you will be left longing for something more. You cannot live your life only in selfish-ambition.

I have found that though my soul craves moments where I receive quick satisfaction and pleasure, my heart really longs the moments of peace that come only from a security created through long-term commitment and purpose.

One needs a purpose and an influence to feel they have made any accomplishments. I can climb a mountain and be in awe of the beauty surrounding me, and appreciate creation. And trust me, there are few things in the world I would rather do. But if my drive is only to live for those mountain-top experiences, I will be disappointed.  One would like to think that if he benefits himself he will be happy and lacking in nothing, but if he acts only out of his selfish-ambitions he will never find the joy he is looking for. True, and immeasurable joy comes only through community, sacrifice, and the simple gift of love.

Not many things in this world inspire me more than things that are beautiful, hence why I love the mountains, and why I moved my whole life to be closer to them. But what is more satisfying to me than feeding the longing deep within my heart, the ache inside that searches the world of it’s beauty, is the satisfaction that comes from making someone else’s experience of life a little more beautiful. I don’t just want to do things. I want to be things; I want to be someone who inspires others to be someone.

That is why I don’t want to travel just to see the world I want to travel to influence the world. Even if I cannot change the world as a whole, I can change¬†the worlds of many.