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A Place to Rest

I’ve often wished for a certain book that would teach me the secrets I was longing for about my life. And this type of book isn’t any kind of success principle, or self-help — though I’ve tried many of those. What I am looking for are words that match the profound thoughts of my inner […]

I Lack Nothing

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The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. I lack nothing. I had not understood this verse for the longest time. Or I think I mostly just didn’t want to. Because for some reason, my heart read it as having nothing, and my heart didn’t want to have nothing, my heart wanted a lot of […]

Travelers Deception

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I love the mountains more than nearly anything. But the mountain-top experiences are not where my purpose lies. It has been a common desire among young adults to travel the world; and perhaps it has always been. But I have noticed, as the hipster era has emerged, people are captivated by “Wanderlust” and it seems […]

The Ultimate Truth

  The Law of Gravity states that an object will fall if let go in mid-air. Whether you choose to believe the law of gravity or not, it will not effect whether or not the object will fall; it will, in fact, fall. C.S. Lewis uses this analogy when describing the ‘Law of Human Nature” […]